Iringa Hope Anniversary Celebration Cancelled

Oct 19, 2021 | News

We have made the difficult decision to cancel our 10+1 Celebration of Iringa Hope on November 7 due to increased concerns of COVID spreading in Minnesota.

 We first scheduled the 10th Anniversary Celebration for November 2020 but canceled due to COVID. In January 2021, the vaccine was out and November seemed safe. In July things looked fine but they started to be a little worrisome in August. CDC and Minnesota guidance in September made things still look okay. But as we all know here in October things have continued to be bad. Minnesota is now one of the states with the highest rate of increase in COVID cases. With the Governor’s recent announcement that the national guard was needed to help with critical care and in hospitals, it seemed clear that we needed to cancel again.

The Board is evaluating options for celebrating the achievements of Iringa Hope and the improved lives in Iringa that your support and our local Iringa leadership and work has made possible.

We are sad to have to cancel, but we still celebrate the good that has happened and continues to happen.


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