Central Tanzania is one of the poorest places in the world. Family incomes average less than $1 per day.  Most families are subsistence farmers working an acre or two of land. There are few sources of loans.

Since 2007 Iringa Hope has been helping communities start up micro-loan funds. The funds are set up as a SACCOS (Savings and Credit Cooperative) under Tanzanian law.

Iringa Hope is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity.

Your donations will help provide capital for loans and training and support for loan recipients.  Asante sana!  (Thank you very much!)

Or, mail a check to:

Iringa Hope
PO Box 21055
Eagan MN 55121

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“Stories from Iringa Hope Members”

Agnes Mhavile
Agnes Mhavile is a widow with 4 children and 12 grandchildren.  She has been a member of the SACCOS since it first began and has taken out at least 4 loans since she began.  With her loans, she has planted sunflowers and maize and with her profits she has been able to help her children through school, improve her household, and expects to earn enough to build a larger house to live in.
Adelaide Dalu
Adelaide Dalu lives in Kiponzelo.  She has been a member of Iringa Hope for 5 years.  Before joining the SACCOS her fields yielded 15 bushels an acre.  This year she harvested 80 bushels an acre – a five-fold increase.  Adelaide says that with her increased income she has sent all of her children through school and has built a brick home with a metal roof.
Sifaeli Kilawa and Mariam Lugala
Sifaeli Kilawa and Mariam Lugala live in Kidugala.  Since joining the SACCOS Mariam has been able to increase her yields 320%.  Her increased income has allowed her to send all of her children to school.  Sifaeli has been able to increase his yields almost 400%.  This has allowed him to build a new house and invest in his farm.  Both of them say that joining the SACCOS has “changed their lives.”
Twilumba Mngongo
Twilumba Mngongo has four children and lives in Lulanzi. Last year she joined the Iringa Hope DSS program. This program allowed her to safely store a portion of her crop while waiting for the prices to rise. Her crops were stored for four months after which they were sold for a +50% price increase! This year she is hoping to store more of her crop in the program.
Beatrice Mkakatu
Beatrice Mkakatu of Lulanzi has been a member of her SACCOS for three years.  Since becoming a member she has learned how to improve her farming and has gained access to the financing she needs to do so.  Her maize now yields 60 bushels an acre instead of the 20 she used to get.  She is using her increased profits to build a new home for herself and her three children.

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