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1. Our Purpose

Iringa Hope requires board members and other persons helping Iringa Hope to observe high standards in protecting the security and privacy of donors. By protecting the security and privacy of donor information, Iringa Hope helps build trust with its donors and the public.

2. Standard

Iringa Hope provides a information security and privacy policy on its website or by request that describes how donor information is collected and used. We allow donors to “opt-out” of making their private information available or shared. Also, Iringa Hope has a board-approved discontinue contact policy guaranteeing that donors can be removed from solicitation and other mailing lists.

3. Privacy Guidelines

Iringa Hope collects the name, address and other contact information of our donors and potential donors. We use this information to keep donors informed of Iringa Hope’s activities and events and for donor mailings and other solicitations for funds. If donors wish to change this information, they may do so by contacting Iringa Hope via mail or email.

If donors provide funds via a check, no information is collected regarding bank and account information. If donations are received by credit card, Iringa Hope will maintain the security of this information during processing and not retain any credit card information.

Donor information is not made available for free or remuneration of any form to any other organization or person outside of Iringa Hope except where required by law.

Changes to this privacy policy will be posted on the website and noted in Iringa Hope mailings to donors.

Approved by the Iringa Hope Board of Directors on May 7, 2014

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