Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society (AMCOS)

An AMCOS is a small local cooperative society which provides for the local purchase of agricultural input supplies and helps the farmer market their crops.  AMCOS used to common in the Western world but have been replaced by larger Famer’s Cooperatives which are regional or national in nature.  In Tanzanian AMCOS provide the farmers with the local services that are lacking in most areas.

Iringa Hope AMCOS are all locally owned and operated.  They belong to an umbrella organization, the Iringa Hope Joint AMCOS, that provides training and education, purchases agricultural inputs in bulk and then supplies the local cooperatives, and jointly market crops on a larger scale.  By belonging to a local AMCOS members receive their supplies delivered to their villages in a timely fashion and earn higher prices for their crops.

An AMCOS provides:

  • Quality seeds and fertilizer at reasonable prices
  • Storage and sales of crops
  • Increased income to members by eliminating the middlemen

Each AMCOS is member-owned and operated.

Map of Iringa Hope AMCOS and Integrated Development Centers

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